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EXCLUSIVE: ATVN talks to student who took pictures in sex scandal

The student never intended the pictures to go viral

The student took this picture and many more on Saturday from Birnkrant Residential Hall.

EXCLUSIVE: ATVN spoke with the student who took the pictures of the USC student having sex on top off Waite Phillips Hall.

The male student who took the pictures from Birnkrant Residential Hall says that he never intended for the pictures to go viral. According to the student, the pictures were first posted on a private Photobucket account. Someone else copied and posted the pictures onto a popular college gossip website.

The student also said that if he could do it all again, he would probably take back his actions of taking these pictures.

More updates to come…
Investigation continues of Saturday’s photographs at Waite Phillips Hall

ATVN talks to the student who took the photos from Birnkrant. The student's voice has been altered and his face is not shown because he wished to remain anonomyous.

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