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Students celebrate the royal wedding

Go inside a royal wedding watch party just minutes before Prince William and Kate tie the knot

Prince William and Kate Middleton memorabilia decked out this party table, along with scones and fresh flowers.

In the minutes leading up to the nuptials that would make Prince William and Kate Middleton the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, students gathered on 28th Street to sip champagne and watch the lavish procession in Westminster Abbey.

“This is the typical Cinderella story, I mean she’s a commoner marrying a prince. This is every girl’s dream,” said Eliza Powers, a Chadwick School student.

Powers described the tea, scones, croissants, toffee and tulips that comprised a decadent spread on the kitchen table. The girls all wore tiaras and mock engagement rings to celebrate the historic occasion. “We’re all in for tonight,” Powers said. 

Chadwick School student Eliza Powers, and USC students Boomer Roepke and Makayla Smith talk about the anticipation of seeing Kate Middleton walk down the aisle. (Video by Marie Agnello)

USC senior Boomer Roepke said that he enjoys the fairy tale aspect of the wedding, and described the royal couple as “sweet.” However, he said he wishes the wedding proceedings could be a bit more modern.

“I think it’s kind of lame that they’re not showing affection at all. Like in the actual ceremony, they’re not kissing each other,” said Roepke. Nevertheless, Roepke said he was impressed by the outpouring of support for the couple by the thousands of spectators lined up along the streets of London.

Makayla Smith, a USC student, says she initially was not interested in watching the wedding, but as the weeks wore on and her friends began planning their watch party, she became more interested in the royal nuptials. She added that the increased media and social networking presence surrounding this wedding enables the viewer greater access, and that all the media attention peaked her interest.

“We have such amazing technology now, and we’re able to see every angle of the wedding,” said Smith, “On Twitter, you have all of these updates. So because it is receiving so much attention, I think I should at least pay a little bit of attention since I’m lucky enough to be around for this huge celebration.”

As the clock counted down the minutes, and then the seconds, until Kate Middleton exited the Rolls-Royce carrying her to Westminster Abbey, the partygoers let out shrieks of excitement.

“Amazing! Look at her dress. Everyone, put on your wedding rings.”

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