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Royal wedding live blog

ATVN brings up-to-the-minute coverage of the highly anticipated nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton


Update 5:32am: The duke and duchess of Cambridge left the balcony and walked back inside Buckingham Palace.

Update 5:29am: A few military planes flew over Buckingham Palace and the large crowd. 

Update 5:28am: The couple kissed for a second time on the balcony. 

Update 5:27am: The duke and duchess of Cambridge have their first public kiss since becoming man and wife on a balcony at Buckingham Palace. Before and after the kiss, the couple spent time waving to the crowd.

Update 5:23am: Tens of thousands of people have gathered outside Buckingham Palace to see the couple’s first public kiss as a married couple.

Update 4:30am: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip just arrived at Buckingham Palace. 

Update 4:26am: The couple has just arrived at Buckingham Palace.

Update 4:14am: Long wedding procession has begun.

Update 4:12am: Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, get into a horse-drawn carriage and leave Westminster Abbey.

Update 4:09am: William and Kate, now the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make their way out of Westminster Abbey.

Update 4:07am: Prince William escorts Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, back up the aisle.

Update 4:00am: The choir sings “Blest Pair of Sirens.”

Update 3:53am: The choir and the wedding guests sing “God Save the Queen,” the British national anthem. The queen is not singing.

Update 3:48am: The wedding guests sing another hymn. Many people on the streets of London are singing along as well.

Update 3:33am: Rev. Dr. Richard Chartres has started speaking.

Update 3:24am: James Middleton is reading Romans 12:2.

Update 3:23am: The wedding guests sing the hymn “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.”

Update 3:21am: Rev. Dr. John Hall announces that Prince William and Kate Middleton are man and wife. The ceremony only lasted about ten minutes.

Update 3:19am: Prince William puts the ring on Kate Middleton’s finger.

Update 3:16am: Kate Middleton says “I will.”

Update 3:16am: Prince William says “I will.”

Update 3:13am: Rev. Dr. John Hall, Dean of Westminister, has started the ceremony.

Update 3:11am: The guests and wedding party are singing the hymn “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer.”

Update 3:09am: Kate Middleton is now next to Prince William at the altar.

Update 3:06am: Prince Harry and Prince William are making their way down the aisle. Michael is escorting Kate down the aisle.

Update 3:03am: Pippa is carrying Kate’s train as her father escorts her into Westminster Abbey. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Update 3:01am: Kate and her father arrive at Westminster Abbey. Her sister Pippa goes out to the car to greet them.

Update 2:57am: Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, walks into Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:55am: Kate Middleton is wearing a tiara. 

Update 2:53am: Kate Middleton and her father, Michael Middleton, leave the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. The lace, V-neck wedding dress has long sleeves.

Update 2:50am: Queen Elizabeth II greets Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:49am: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrive at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:45am: Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrive at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:43am: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip leave Buckingham Palace. 

Update 2:39am: More members of the royal family arrive at Westminister Abbey.

Update 2:32am: Carole and James Middleton arrive at Westminister Abbey.

Update 2:27am: Carole and James Middleton on their way to Westminster Abbey. Carole is Kate’s mother, and James is her brother.

Update 2:23am: Prince William greets some members of his family and of the Middleton family at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:19am: Prince Harry and Prince William have arrived at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:18am: Prince Harry is wearing a black uniform.

Update 2:16am: Thousands of spectators on the street cheer as the car carrying Prince William and Price Harry makes its way to Westminster Abbey. The two departed from Clarence House at 2:12 a.m. Prince William’s red Army uniform can be seen.

Update 2:13am: Carole Middleton is wearing a sky blue dress designed by Catherine Walker. Jane Corbett designed the hat.

Update 2:04am: Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron arrive at Westminster Abbey.

Update 2:00am: The royal wedding will begin in about one hour! 

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